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NZ Mesh v1.1 Issues - D'Urville Island still glitching

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Even after the 1.1 update to the Orbx NZ Mesh that specifically D'Urville Island still glitches significantly for me.






From far away the island outline appears as a flat 2D outline on the water, then as approached by air, the tree covering pops into place over where the terrain should be, although the terrain remains see through creating an unusual effect. As you fly over the island, the terrain pops into place momentarily in a square by square loading style, but disappears again as the area gets overflown.












I also note that D'Urville Island does not register as a land mass on the GPS moving map (GTN750 in this example). It does however show up on the in game moving map- never seen that sort of discrepancy before.




It's all very bizarre- I have no other NZ DEM addons in my community folder and the product works flawlessly for the rest of New Zealand. Any ideas guys?



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Not sure whether or not this is the correct forum to post in to notify the developer of product issues or not. If it is not, could I please be pointed in the right direction?


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On 7/9/2021 at 8:25 PM, Nick Cooper said:


thanks for your report.

I have drawn the developer's attention to it.

Hi Nick, 


Could you please also mention a none existent hill that has appeared at the very centre of Christchurch directly under the cathedral. It should be flat.





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