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Found 19 results

  1. Even after the 1.1 update to the Orbx NZ Mesh that specifically D'Urville Island still glitches significantly for me. From far away the island outline appears as a flat 2D outline on the water, then as approached by air, the tree covering pops into place over where the terrain should be, although the terrain remains see through creating an unusual effect. As you fly over the island, the terrain pops into place momentarily in a square by square loading style, but disappears again as the area gets overflown. I also note that D'Urville Island does not register as a land mass on the GPS moving map (GTN750 in this example). It does however show up on the in game moving map- never seen that sort of discrepancy before. It's all very bizarre- I have no other NZ DEM addons in my community folder and the product works flawlessly for the rest of New Zealand. Any ideas guys?
  2. As a local who has flown over Auckland countless times IRL, I’ve been looking forward to this one all year and am certainly not disappointed! It’s great to finally see recognisable 3D counterparts of all the CBD buildings replace those ugly generic autogen tower blocks. The skyline of the city centre is pretty unique, and it looks fantastic in the sim early morning or evening with the PBR texturing. I’m stoked with how much detail was given to the harbors too- with Westhaven Marina, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere actually visible now and 3D boats moored at the jetties, as well as animated boat traffic on the Waitamata. A huge photoreal groundplate stretches nearly the entire width of the city with higher res ground textures replacing the Bing maps data. It includes watermasking of the many estuaries and bays (all be it at very low tide) and is a huge improvement from default. Great job Orbx team- this one will undoubtedly give me countless hours of entertainment!
  3. A two hour flight from Queensland to Ryan's Creek NZ with 3 touch and go's thrown in! This is a flight that was an MP flight on Sunday over at DC3 Airways, but since I didn't get to make the flight live I flew it Sunday night for fun! P3D 4.5, Active Sky, All Orbx and Chase Plane! Setting at Gate 3 NZQN getting a coffee before leaving for NZRC (Ryan's Creek)! Holding short Rwy 23! 1st Touch and Go at NZWF (Wanaka)! Touch and Go complete NZWF! Follow the river for a T & G at Roxburgh! 2nd T & G at Roxburgh's grass strip! Always fun and easy to find a grass strip! Passing over Cattle Flats (and not a cow in sight!) Climbing left turnout after 3rd T & G at NZMO Te Anau - Manapouri airport! Getting lots of practice at landings and takeoffs doing these T&G's! Destination landing NZRC 118 minutes later! This airport is hidden in the trees! Thanks for looking!
  4. I am at wits end. I have a new computer and installed FSX. I had it on my old computer and all ORBX products worked fine, although it was a slower computer. Now I installed ORBX in my new computer's FSX. All regions work, except AU Austrailia and NZ New Zealand, both north and south islands. When I select these regions when starting FSX in Select Airport, FSX freezes and no longer responds. When I start at an airport outside the region, and try to "go to airport" in Austrailia or New Zealand, again it locks up, freezes. I tried to reinstall, but had the same result. FTX Central indicates that these Regions are installed and fully updated. Unified IcLookup has been completed after installation of the Regions. Please help, I am at wits end.
  5. just a random assortment of shots to kinda catch up a bit:
  6. Don't normally like this sort of thing, but was using my TrackIR for a change (I've got out of the habit of using it lately) and found myself up in the air, about to change aircraft, and this came up in the selection box and I thought "why not?". I'd originally taken off from some small strip on the South Island in an airship, but it was getting boring and I fancied a change. I actually really enjoyed this, especially with the TrackIR on, so who knows, I may get all enthusiastic about these beasties yet. So we're starting in mid flight, down the south of the country, and will be flying up the east coast to land (badly) in Wellington I'm just constantly amazed at the immersion levels these products can generate. The light, the colours - just amazing I'd forgotten what fun it is to just look around in a cabin like this with the TrackIR headset, and of course that means with all the sound on in the cans as well. To tell the truth, most of the time I don't bother with the headphones and/or any sound - the visual aspect is what I really enjoy - and I'd forgotten how much more dynamic it all is with the cans on. Approaching Wellington (you don't really think I went smoothly from that last shot to this next one, do you?) But hey, I got down in the end without bouncing or ending up in the water. I even enjoyed the taxi-ing to the stand (certainly more than any passengers would have) I won't be applying for my Captain's stripes any time soon (or ever), but it's made me think about a few different sorts of flights. Very different game flying one of these things, even for me and my non-realistic flight model. And, no, I've no idea what a BA A318 is doing down there either.
  7. NZNP to Welly: Turning at JONAH, bound for UMAGA then the ILS Aberdeen to Humberside: And a couple of the North Sea in the fading light: All plain Vs. ps... oops... missed one: descending into Invercargill:
  8. So i recently brought ORBX North and South Island and have noticed some problems Nelson airport car park is non existent One of the main hangers is not displaying and only concrete slab is down At blenheim airport the runway has no markings on it whatsover Some help would be greatly appreciated, regards Topic edited to display screenshot. Nick
  9. A trio of dusk shots in the Cherokee on an evening flight between Milford Sound and Queenstown: Lake Marion Caples River Lake Wakatipu Cheers, Stuart
  10. Milford Sound and direct invironment at the coast offers the most spectacular nature on New Zealands Sth Island, enjoy the views:
  11. I have a problem. I put this in the ICE AI forums but they were useless and unhelpful and knowing how kind and thoughtful this community is, I thought I would post it here. So I have been loyal to your Australia/New Zealand AI package (I love it!) but I have been trying out long haul flights to say KLAX or KSFO and it has been quite lonely so i recently installed ICE AI and it has completely replaced the domestic service for NZ from FTX AU. I am assuming it has replaced the AU domestic pack as well. I would like it if they both run smoothly with eachother instead of ICE trying to be some dictator and try and takeover my FSX. Anyone help? I love the FTX AU and i think it is alot better (for NZ and AU at least) than ICE AI. If anyone knows a solution please repy ASAP! Cheers KiedisTV
  12. Another leg today, longish, boring one from Hobart to Christchurch. The end of the trip across South Island was fantastic though! Still nothing to report mechanically. Climbing out of Hobart. In for the long haul! Looking good! Cruising. Dusk as we hit New Zealand. Hope we don't have a disaster here! Getting darker.. Downwind. Short finals! As ever, thanks for looking!
  13. Take-off in Airbus A320 from NZCH for a quick roundtrip over the area of Christchurch at mid-eastcoast of New Zealand's South Island. The photoreal- and the airport-scenery blends very well with the ORBX-scenery of the intire Sth Island. Enjoy the views:
  14. Hi guys, finally I did some flying after being absence for a while. Now with a fresh restart of my flying career I am really enjoying what I see. I think the frustration tolerance will lower after a while and it again starts with being annoyed by some bugs and so on. But meanwhile some Twotter shots from NZ and SAK
  15. Opus Live weather......beautiful morning in Southern NZ Departing NZCH LNAV and VNAV getting me on my way North Inland and Coastal Kaikoura Mountain Ranges in the Mist Decsending over Woodburne with Marlborough sounds in background. Looks like a nice day in NZWN. Getting setup for ILS Auto Land. Right on the glideslope Another Miracle of Modern Science Completed succesfully !!
  16. I'm just wondering whether I'm the only one but has anyone else found a lot of the NZ traffic has no textures? I've reinstalled all the 4 AI install files many times but no change. There is obviously a traffic file as the aircraft are there and running but no associated textures. As an example the Beech 1900D should have textures for ZK-EAC, ZK-EAE, ZK-EAL, ZK-EAO. Also the Lifeflight Trust Fairchild Metro ZK-LFT doesn't feature either. These are just a few. There are many cessnas and others as well. I think most of the Air NZ Boeing 737's are there. Just wondering whether these files were left out of the package or I'm the only one seeing this problem. Thanks guys for a fantastic product though, simply outstanding. Cheers Paul
  17. I'm really enjoying this scenery:
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