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Forbidden Messege In Orbx Central.


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So, I recently installed a pack of Orbx products to my P3d 4.5 during the May sale. Good deal BTW. My P3d is recent. So for a couple of weeks I am going through setting up, learning, and testing.

I wanted some airport sceneries I liked from FSX-SE and I tried installing one the FSX way. It didn't go well and I tried Lorby but was plagued by CTDs in 10 minutes or less. So, I decided to start from scratch and I uninstalled and reinstalled P3d 4. I didn't uninstall Orbx files first though. I manually deleted them. I reinstalled P3d. I downloaded successfully my Orbx stuff.

Then I went to load a weather meters from FSRealWX trial. 

It couldn't rout to the sim. So, I manually reordered my P3d directory. It is showing that my Orbx stuff is in but it doesn't look like it is. So, I went to verify files tonight and got Forbidden messege. I thought, maybe I can reinstall but when I clicked uninstall I got Forbidden. Central won't let me do anything. I do run as administrator. How can I correct this. 


Ryzen 5 3600

32 gig DDR4 3000 MHZ

Radeon RX580 8 Gig 

240 gig SSD C


P3d on drive D

All Orbx direct in sim directory.

Thanks in advance

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