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Catalina msfs20 not rendering

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Hello I downloaded Catalina Island for Microsoft flight simulator and it will not render on my PC. I have a very up-to-date pc with a 3090 graphics card and it is still not working. All my other Orbx sceneries and airports work fine. Can anyone help? Please and thank you...


I also tried uninstalling Orbx and the scenery...obviously no help. Also tried reinstalling to a different area. And my SSD still has 500 gb of 1tb

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Hi there,

Sorry you are having issues, this is the first I've seen with KAVX for MSFS, can you clarify more what you mean by not rendering?

And when you are installing with Orbx Central which option are you choosing?

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Thank you for the response. I appreciate it. I am installing it to the same place that I’ve installed all of my scenery from Orbx. And I still have half of my storage left on my SSD so it’s not a problem. It seems for example the airport itself the buildings are completely flat. I can just see the roof of the buildings… And then when I uninstall and reinstall sometimes I don’t even see that

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30 minutes ago, Tim Harris said:

Thanks for that, try this fix first

And if it doesnt help, post a screenshot of what KAVX looks like in the sim with KAVX installed, and uninstalled




Just to add, I had this niggle from time to time and this worked well for me also.


However, just to elaborate as Jon mentions in his note  please make sure to delete the contents of the  SceneryIndexes folder NOT the folder itself.


In my case, I accidently deleted the folder itself and MS2020 refused to start after that , until I reinstalled the folder and contents  and

then just deleted the contents as Jon has recommended.


I hope you get up and running soon. It is fabulous scenery and you will really enjoy it.:)


Cheers and Welcome to Orbx and our forums 

All the best 



@Tim Harris

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