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Cardiff egff Overlapping Aircraft

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I've just purchased EGFF Cardiff and found that aircraft are overlapping. I use xOrganiser to sort everything.

I did not have this issue at Cardiff before installing.

Hope you can fix.

Thank you









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Hi Jon,

I've made the setting as suggested, verified the files and a reboot but with the same result sadly.

Latest log and images attached.

I recall on or about 9/12/20 you sent me a file called EGFF Cardiff Default (Mod). I removed that just in case but a problem still exists. (see image). Also when I remove that file I do not get any airport ground traffic darting around.

On 3 occasions Xorganizer (the paid-for version) had issued a warning (see image) but it hasn't thrown this up every time I launch XP.

I have 'show parked aircraft' in XP un-checked.



control panel.JPG


EGFF (Mod) removed 1.JPG


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I don't use the Organiser so i cannot comment on it except to say that looking at your log and assuming it is reading your addons sequence correctly, then the True Earth addons are incorrectly layered and you have addons like libraries, including SAM Static aircraft above the True Earth addons.

Are you using Traffic global?

If so then your number/percentage of aircraft settings are too high.

See these 3 pics of what I see with Static planes set to off. 2 planes remain. One of which is the prop under the Ryanair plane in your pic: These pics do NOT use the old Mod file, just the EGFF addon.

Static OFF and zero percent Traffic Global. Note 2 statics remain:



Traffic Global set to just over 50%. No conflict:



Traffic Global set too high:





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Thank you Jon,

I didn't consider Traffic Global to be the problem because it causes no issues at any other locations at the current settings. However, I have to reduce the density to 25% to eliminate overlaps at EGFF.

That does not completely resolve the issue. With the Cardiff Mod left in  I still get a couple of issues (Pics). Removing the Mod gets rid of those.

But removing the Mod also gets rid of the airport ground traffic, the airport is then completely lifeless apart from a fuel truck and car in the GA area.

Disappointing for a payware airport but I guess I'll have to put up with it.




With MOD & Traffic Global Plugin Removed.JPG

with MOD but TG removed .JPG

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I had the same problem with the static aircraft at EGFF. If I remember rightly I removed the remaining FlyBe & Ryanair aircraft using Overlay Editor

or World Editor ( can't remember! )and now TG aircraft can appear normally on the terminal stands. 

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I will try and resolve that issue for you by attaching a couple of my copy's files.

Open the EGFF folder.

Unzip and place the attached file Earth_nav_data_statics in there, overwriting the existing one.

Place the attached Control Panel.xml and the GroundTraffic.xml in there as shown in the attached pic




Earth nav data_statics.zip



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Thanks for coming back to me, Jon. I downloaded your files as instructed but the same issue occurs unfortunately. I also noticed there was an apt.cache file in the directory, so I also deleted that in case it was affecting the issue but without success. I also tried re-enabling static aircraft, but this didn't work either. It only happens on the outer parking positions, as you can see in my screenshot. Any other suggestions?



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