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Devil's Tower 'conflict' (?) with Object Flow

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I'm not sure how many airports, or areas are affected by this 'conflict' 'glitch' (or whatever word you wish to use)


It's across various versions of P3d  (not sure about V5)


Here's just one example I've found:


Load a GA aircraft at CYXX - (GATE 2 - GATE SMALL): 

Man in overalls, with a spanner who walks backwards a few steps then comes forward, kneels and adjusts something. (see photo)


After you load Devil's Tower:

Man in overalls is STATIC,...but the spanner moves on it's own (see photo)


It's easily recreated - Use Central to uninstall - run P3d @ cyxx gate 2 QUIT.
Then install Devil's Tower - run P3d @ cyxx gate 2 


As I said "Don't know what (or where) is affected"


cyxx_kneeling.bmp Phantom_spanner.bmp

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Thanks Nick for the info BUT why still not using the Update feature which is built in Orbx central, for that purpose :(


That is the only way to stay up to date, as it is so easy to miss one of these messages....




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Appreciate the information - It is now working.  (oddly - S76 Oak Harbor is now correct PNW-05)


"Auto Update" has been enabled all along.    But there was NO update for Devil's Tower. (or anything else - for quite some time)


I mentio it as it appears 'auto update' was not working (at least not for me) 


Regards & Thanks

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Hi dcongram,

My comment was targetted at Orbx Team.

Orbx Central has a nice update facility as long as it is aware that there has been a modification...


That's what "version" is meant for.


If you check the version of "Devil's Tower" you will be surprised to see that it is still the old version number... :(





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