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XP Update - Orbx Scenery not displaying

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I've updated my XP following the latest patch however, none of my Orbx or custom secnery displays properly - all textures are blurred.


I've removed SAM but this hasn't solved this issue - do i need to re-install every Orbx product?


Log attached.

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Please also attach your scenery_packs.ini 

Don't do anything like a reinstall yet until I have reviewed the issue and got back to you.

In the interim you could run the Very Files option in Orbx Central for the addons concerned, but I assure you that blurriness is not down to the addon but more likely your XP settings.

Attach a pic of your XP graphics settings as well.

When you update XP it may naturally revert to default graphics settings so check them out.

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While i check out your scenery_packs etc please try a flight with Vulkan enabled and set your XP  graphics settings as high as possible. Vulkan will allow higher fps but I want to check out the visuals as you say you are getting blurred visuals.

If you Verify Files for all your Orbx addons in the meantime that would be good. I suggest one at a time followed by a test flight at that addon's area like the Orbx airport addons.

What are these files?

SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Charts/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Earth nav data/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Ground/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Grunge/


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Here is your scenery_packs which I have correctly layered as there were many incorrect layering sequence issues.

The corrected scenery_packs will not probably affect the blurries you say you are getting but will improve/optimise your XP.

When you say all the addons are blurry then I need a bit more clarification please.

Are the Orbx airport addons displaying correctly or are they blurry. If blurry then post a pic at the airport of what you are seeing.

If you are referring to the TEGB type addons then also post a pic of what you are seeing and clearly state the altitude you take the pic from. it needs to be an outside view so i can see the ground. Remember that the ground textures are are not super perfect at anywhere below 2-3000ft in TEGB addons and also that in areas like London etc you need the World Objects settings to Maximum to overlay the ground textures.

Hence my request for a more details and visual attachments like pics.


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