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Is anyone else seeing dual windsocks at certain addon airports?


I first noticed this at Digital Design's Liverpool EGGP however when I went to take a screenshot today I could only see one.  However today I saw dual windsocks at Orbx's Dundee EGPN and Orbx's Newcastle EGNT as per the screenshots below:


EGGP from 7th March when I did my Silver Spitfire flight



EGGP today




Newcastle EGNT today




Dundee EGPN today




There is a post about dual windsocks on Justflight's forum where the user mentions their EGLK having dual windsocks and they received a response from another forum member which stated:


"probably the author didn't notice that Exclusion Rectangles tend not to work with Windsocks in the sim.
They do until you are in DevMode (so it's even harder to notice as a Developer), and the problem only comes out when you install your addon with DevMode disabled."


Any else seeing this?

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I would not be surprised if in fact everyone is seeing this.

Asobo have again changed something and "broken" pre-existing addon products,

apparently across the board.

It seems that whatever it is will be changed back but the job is on a list, so there is no time scale.

I could understand that developers might well be unwilling to amend their products, only

to find that a few days or weeks later, they have to amend them back again.

I would hope that we can all overlook this for the time it takes to sort out.

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Awesome, thank you for the reply Nick.  It's not a big issue in the scheme of things, I tried searching here and on the official forums but either my searching was ineffective or now one else had raised it, which made me wonder if I was the only one seeing it, until I saw the JustFlight post.

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