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NOT happy with Orbx passing the buck!

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Someone who pays for an  Orbx product either via Orbx direct or via FS Marketplace should be treated the same.  From Orbx's  attitude in relation to FS Marketplace purchases this is NOT the case!  I don't know what Australian trading standards are like, but there is something very wrong here. Whenever I complain about an Orbx product, because I purchased via the Marketplace Orbx does not want to know!  If a purchase is related to an Orbx product, it IS Orbx that needs to sort out any problems with FS Marketplace, not the customer! Otherwise Orbx should remove ALL their products from the FS Marketplace!  

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it has been explained to you more than once that Orbx have no control over the Marketplace.

product updates are submitted to the Marketplace at the same time as they are released through 

Orbx Central.

Any subsequent delay is then due to the Marketplace and there is nothing that Orbx can do about that.

As has also been explained to you, this is a problem faced by all developers who contribute to the Marketplace.



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