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Can Orbx Central detect/sync/show purchases made in MSFS marketplace?

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I have made a number of purchases in the in-app marketplace, and have only recently 'discovered' Orbx Central and started making purchases there.  Is there any way to get Orbx Central to put a tick next to the ones I've in the app, that are actually Orbx (or related 3rd party) packages?

Reason being, I often now browse Orbx Central when I'm feeling a little flush >:D looking for new toys, and a couple of times, I've almost made a double purchase a few times.  I wouldn't even mind paying some fee to Orbx to have all my packages 'upgraded' from the marketplace to Orbx Central, at least then I could see what I have haven't got yet.  But ideally, if I bought something in Orbx, it'd also show as 'owned' in the marketplace, and vice versa.


I do imagine I'm just dreaming however :(




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As expected I guess, and somewhat understandable, but quite annoying none the less.


Even if it were a manual process for someone at Orbx to manually review purchases and make them available in Orbx Central (and thus reasonably incur a fee), that'd be something I'd certainly consider - assuming of course the fees is less than the cost of all the things I've bought!


Anyway, thanks for the info.  I'll lie in wait that one days these things might somehow get synced.  Last night I bit the bullet and re-bought my London City Landmarks in Orbx Central so that I could finally get it working with the UK world update ... at least I have that in both places!

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