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  1. Strangely, I don't have this issue with the Dubai pack, but I do have it with the London pack since SU5. I've had to remove the London pack in order to fly anywhere even close to London (e.g. from stapleford EGSG and southend EGMC), the loading bar would hang almost immediately upon clicking 'Fly'. But Dubai works fine!
  2. I have the same issue as others, click 'Fly' and the loading bar hangs. I had this for the London discovery flight, but also pretty much any airport near London (e.g. EGSG and EGMC). Tried deleting all manual cache, rolling cache, emptying Community folder, deleting content.xml. No joy on any front. The only solution was to uninstall the packages (both EGLC and London Landmarks) and everything works fine now ... except that I've paid for an addon that I can't use! Everytime I load the sim, I check those uninstalled packages to see the release date hoping a new one would have come out, and when I don't find it, I come here looking for an update on a fix, but there is none, and it's starting to really grate. It's been well over a month now since sim update 5, is there no official word on this yet? FYI, these are in-app marketplace purchases.
  3. OK yup, it's there now. I must have checked on there about 12 hours ago. It must have just gone live, embarrassing, but great!
  4. I've been searching for this, including last night, is it brand new or have I just missed it?
  5. I've been looking forward to downloading the 'new' Dubai landmarks pack, as it somewhere I like to fly. But it's been more than a couple weeks since release now, and there's no sign of it on the in-game marketplace. Does anyone know if it'll ever make it's way there? I have tried to make a policy recently, that I buy all my content from the in-game store, since my earlier method of grabbing content immediately from whatever developer website it was available on, left me going manually to various websites at least once a week to re-download the package for an update, that I have to manually copy into the community folder. Don't get me wrong, Orbx central is a lot better than that, but still, I'd rather just be able to occasionally go to the in-game content manager -> updates available -> select all -> update, than to have to go to multiple places to check for updates. Anyway, I'm hoping there's just some delay in getting it signed off for the in-game store, and that it'll turn up eventually, but after ~3 weeks, I'm starting to lose faith.
  6. Oh fantastic! How do I opt in for email alerts? That's precisely what I need!
  7. Just want to keep this thread alive, as it's currently where I'm watching/waiting for an update (in lieu of email notifications telling me so) about an update to the paris pack. It's been almost 2 weeks since they last update (which was "we're working on it" ... no slight intended!), which was itself almost 2 weeks after the thread started ... which was itself a week or 2 after the world update. We do now know they're working on it, which is great, but is there yet an ETA? another week, a month, sometime in 2022? If memory serves (which these days, it's progressively failing to do), the Orbx update for London, following World Update 3, was in the region of 10-14 days. I grant this one might be more tricky, or not, I dunno. But an approximate ETA would be handy.
  8. It's all been said before, and there's differing opinions on the whole subject. My $0.02 is that whilst I'm aware of all the issues the devs face, and I'm happy that they will even update it (although, this is so that they can continue to SELL it, not out of charity), yes, and I'm even happy to sit and have it uninstalled for a period while this happens, yes ... I don't think it's wholly unreasonable after a couple of weeks, to be informed of approximately when we might expect it. Personally, as the original post in this thread said, I find myself every few days googling and trawling forums to see if I can get an answer as to whether it's been released yet, only to find threads that have been 'answered' without any kind of actual answer. Again, I'm not saying "I NEED IT NAOOOOWW!!!", I'm saying that if I knew it going to be "about another month", I'd forget about it, and make a mental note to come looking again around the end of May. Or, better still, if they had some mechanism to send me an email when it's released, I'll happily live my life and wait for the good news in my inbox. Is there some way of getting emails regarding specific (or even 'all') Orbx announcements? If so, I legitimately think that'd solve basically all the issues for about 95% of people that are currently complaining - like myself
  9. To this, I would say "Needs must when the devil drives". And of course, all 'needs' are relative. Because with the Orbx Central version fixed and the marketplace version with no kind of expected delivery date for quite some time, and getting fed up with checking the marketplace and forums all the time for info, I decided that my time was simply not worth the £10 to 'solve the issue' by repurchasing in Orbx Central. To this day, I don't even know if the marketplace version was ever fixed, but it no longer affects me either way since I left the Orbx Central version installed. I would certainly agree that Orbx never encouraged a second purchase, and if the line had ever been "If you don't like it, go buy it on Orbx Central", I would certainly have more cause to complain. But complain I shall! To be clear, I do put this on MS/Asobo (... at least, mostly), not on Orbx. It's pretty surprising that Orbx aren't involved in, or let in on, these world updates before they land in user's laps. And being a developer myself, I know how painful of a process it can be to get your apps reviewed and live on an app store. But I would say that Orbx still have a small share of the blame for 2 reasons. First and foremost, they put items on sale immediately after a world update, which as Frank above said: Indeed, of course it would give that impression. And this is entirely the reason for my original post, does it work with the update, who knows? Not Orbx ... but they put it on sale anyway, and the same was true with the London Pack. The second reason that I hold a little blame on Orbx, is that (in my humble opinion) they are misguided on the 'need' (that word again!) for a control panel to allow the user to select which version of a pack they want, either the WU-compatible version, or the non-WU-compatible one. I think this is a great and impressive feature for Orbx Central users, but for the marketplace, I don't think this is necessary. Essentially users basically always divide into 2 main groups: All the updates, all the time ("gimme that sexy content"); and no updates, ever ("I don't trust and/or can't be bothered with updates"). This is anecdotal and only my opinion, but from experience I'd say I'm confident that this normal dichotomy will be much stronger in places like the MSFS Marketplace, than it is on Orbx Central. So if a user is installing any updates from Orbx via the marketplace, you can bet that they already have the world update installed - hence the WU-compatible pack is what's needed on the marketplace. And if they don't tend to install updates other than those forced on them, then they won't install an Orbx update on the marketplace, and they won't have the WU either - hence putting the WU-compatible update on the marketplace does no harm. It would actually be pretty fascinating to be proven wrong on this if Orbx have any data for it, I know us flight simmers can be an eclectic bunch, so we might buck the trend of the 'typical user'. So I'm happy to be wrong ... but doubt that I am Anyway, rant over! For now, given that as Ed posted that Orbx have said the pack is not compatible with the WU, I guess I'll pass on the sale, and check in a couple months to see if the marketplace pack has the WU-compatible update to it
  10. Forgetting the 'not installed' bug in the latest release, that affects ALL my 3rd party 'community' add-ons ... I'd like to purchase the pairs landmarks, but have scars from the London Landmarks vs UK world update 3, where the 'on sale' item was not compatible with the update that made it 'on sale'. As at the world update 3, the London Landmarks were on sale (I already owned them anyway), and now the Paris Landmarks are also on sale (I do not yet own these). Following WU3, I actually RE-purchased the London Landmarks pack through Orbx, in order to solve the incompatibility issue - which I still don't know if it's fixed or not - with the marketplace version I had already purchased. Are we going to have the same pain with the Paris landmarks? Should I purchase only through Orbx and leave it uninstalled for now (to await an update)? Should I purchase through the marketplace and just expect it to work? Imagine that my goal is to get the best scenery ASAP, what's best option? Now imagine that my goal is to have all packages installed via the marketplace (so that I can easily keep a track of what I've bought in one place), how much longer will that take? Finally, imagine my goal is to only spend money when I need to, to get a value-for-money upgrade ... should I install a version now, or watch this thread for updates? Dave
  11. As expected I guess, and somewhat understandable, but quite annoying none the less. Even if it were a manual process for someone at Orbx to manually review purchases and make them available in Orbx Central (and thus reasonably incur a fee), that'd be something I'd certainly consider - assuming of course the fees is less than the cost of all the things I've bought! Anyway, thanks for the info. I'll lie in wait that one days these things might somehow get synced. Last night I bit the bullet and re-bought my London City Landmarks in Orbx Central so that I could finally get it working with the UK world update ... at least I have that in both places!
  12. I have made a number of purchases in the in-app marketplace, and have only recently 'discovered' Orbx Central and started making purchases there. Is there any way to get Orbx Central to put a tick next to the ones I've in the app, that are actually Orbx (or related 3rd party) packages? Reason being, I often now browse Orbx Central when I'm feeling a little flush looking for new toys, and a couple of times, I've almost made a double purchase a few times. I wouldn't even mind paying some fee to Orbx to have all my packages 'upgraded' from the marketplace to Orbx Central, at least then I could see what I have haven't got yet. But ideally, if I bought something in Orbx, it'd also show as 'owned' in the marketplace, and vice versa. I do imagine I'm just dreaming however Cheers Dave
  13. Hi Nick, Thanks for the information. I'm super keen to know when something will be available on the flight sim marketplace. Personally, I have the WU3 installed, I presume that most users do too by now. So if you were to release an update that assumed installation of WU3, then I would imagine that'd serve most users. But any who have opted out of WU3, can always just not install the new update for the london pack, and they're OK too. I'm reticent to uninstall WU3 in order to get the Orbx London pack working again, but I am considering it. If you could indicate approximate timelines for an update, it would at least give me an informed choice as to what to uninstall/install so I can resume flying around London, where I do spend probably 50% of my time. Cheers!
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