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LOWI GA Aircraft

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I just noticed this myself, figured I'd delete the Asobo version of LOWI which was advised to fix some issues before, thing is now if you delete the Asobo version of LOWI you're then prompted to reinstall it again when you launch MSFS which didn't happen previous to the latest update. So here's what I did.

Rather than deleting the actual Asobo folder for LOWI just delete the contents of that folder and things should then be ok, you won't be forced to download the Asobo version upon loading MSFS. Depending on where you installed MSFS the location may vary but here's a rough guide as to where the default airport is. Your drive letter may differ from H as shown in my location.




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3 hours ago, Nyxx said:

Might want to look at this?

Look at the height, wheels in the ground.



Also 2 wind socks and totaly diffence wind direction.



Just thought I would report it guys.


The windsock issue is there since the launch of Orbx' LOWI and has been reported several times.

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