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EGTB, EGMC, EGLC compatibility with MFS2020 World Update 3 (UK)?

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I'm considering buying EGTB, EGMC, EGLC.


1. Are they 100% compatibile with MFS2020 World Update 3 (UK)? Or is Orbx planning some updates to ensure 100% compatibility?


There is a discount offered for ETGB, EGLC in February 2021.


2a. Are you considering discounting EGMC as well?

2b. Any option for the discout if ordering them all?


3. Any plans for making your XP11 UK airfields MFS2020 compatible? ETA?

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EGMC and EGTB are both PilotPlus addons for them to answer.

EGLC is an Orbx addon. 

All 3 addons now work fine as the problem created by Bing Data in the MSFS sim was resolved in the new update.

Porting P3D and XP addons into MSFS is an ongoing process and will be done only if there are no glitches in compatibility.

I cannot give you a timeline now which addon could be done. it is not as simple a process as many think it is.

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As Jon stated above, the bing issue that caused CTD for many custom airports appears to now be fixed, I experience no CTD at both EGTB and EGMC.


EGTB has no known issues and works with the new update, EGMC is the same minus the below:


Asobo may have changed how taxi lighting works in the new update (or introduced a bug).Therefore many larger airports that have manually placed blue taxi lighting now experience a bug where taxi lights are placed randomly across the airport. This has been raised to Asobo, we are awaiting comment and hopefully it can be patched shortly.


EGMC was not discounted due to it being released relatively recently :) 


- I cant comment on EGLC, but hope this helps

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