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Singapore Performance

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Singapore looks fantastic, but it does seem to be more of a performance hog than other sceneries.

My rig is pretty basic (i5-4690, 16Gb, GTX1660) but I've found a level of detail that I'm happy with and gives me at least 28fps in most places. Upgrade has to wait until later in the year sadly.

But with Singapore landmarks I am getting 17fps flying over the Marina Bay area. I've also got WSSS and frames sat on the runway there also drop to about 17.

With the airport scenery installed but not landmarks I'm getting 28 on the runway and 32 over Marina Bay.

I've got Sydney Cityscape and FlyTampa YSSY and frames don't drop below 28 in the whole Sydney area.

I appreciate my PC is going to be a bottleneck, but it's strange that performance is so different from other sceneries.

Done the usual rolling cache deletion etc.

I'm still happy with the scenery but if anyone has any thoughts or tips then grateful for any suggestions.



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1 hour ago, John Dow said:

Try setting your Render Scale to 90 or 80.  Hardly any visual difference normally, I get maybe 20-30% extra fps in dense scenery

Thanks for the tip John. That's one of the settings that got me to the performance balance I'd found, which is why I found the Singapore performance strange.

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