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  1. I'm another in the East Midlands camp. There's also lots of potential to add character with things in the surrounding area such as Ratcliffe Power Station, Breedon on the Hill, Donnington Race Track, the Aeropark etc. And although in reality it is relatively close to all of Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, it isn't close enough for performance to be impacted too badly.
  2. It looks fantastic in all the screenshots and videos I've seen, with great attention to detail and really capturing the atmosphere. If in the future Marcus chooses to add Visby or look to improve ground textures or add interior modelling to terminals, or anything else for that matter, then that's a bonus. I'll be buying it as soon as it released.
  3. Still looking forward to Bromma. Stockholm after WU5 is improved, but still pretty generic with just a handful of POIs. And as janjoensson said, Arlanda is ok, but I would definitely pay for a higher quality rendition...as I'm sure would plenty of others. I'd hoped the update might have done something about the strange green/blue tint on the satellite imagery in the area, but sadly not to be!
  4. Looks like a great addition to what is already a fantastic product. Would love to see Manly added at some point as well.
  5. Stockholm is a fantastic city, and @Marcus Nybergcreates amazing sceneries, so it's straight on the buy list. But just wondering what the announcement of World Update V for the Nordics means in terms of plans and priorities?
  6. Thanks for the tip John. That's one of the settings that got me to the performance balance I'd found, which is why I found the Singapore performance strange.
  7. Singapore looks fantastic, but it does seem to be more of a performance hog than other sceneries. My rig is pretty basic (i5-4690, 16Gb, GTX1660) but I've found a level of detail that I'm happy with and gives me at least 28fps in most places. Upgrade has to wait until later in the year sadly. But with Singapore landmarks I am getting 17fps flying over the Marina Bay area. I've also got WSSS and frames sat on the runway there also drop to about 17. With the airport scenery installed but not landmarks I'm getting 28 on the runway and 32 over Marina Bay. I've got Sydney Cityscape and FlyTampa YSSY and frames don't drop below 28 in the whole Sydney area. I appreciate my PC is going to be a bottleneck, but it's strange that performance is so different from other sceneries. Done the usual rolling cache deletion etc. I'm still happy with the scenery but if anyone has any thoughts or tips then grateful for any suggestions. Mark
  8. Screenshots look absolutely stunning...and the finished article will no doubt be superb, as all Marcus' work is. It will be nice to be reminded of Stockholm whilst we aren't able to get there, and hope to see a rendition of Hagaparken, an amazingly beautiful park. And if Marcus / Orbx are looking for other similar ideas, then how about Reykjavik city airport, and some POIs in and around the city? Hopefully release isn't too far away. It's a day one buy for me!
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