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Need help to download True Earth

Dan Macasaddu

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Hello, I hope you can hep please.


My PC suffered a catastrophic hard disk failure last year during summer 2020.  I have not been  able to use Xplane 11 or my Orbx product since.


I have now put together a new pc that i was able to afford after saving up in the last few months and have loaded XPlane 11 successfully once more, however when I download my products from my Orbx Central account, nothing happens.


I would very much like to get both software running again so I can enjoy the products at it was meant to be.


My ref numbers are as follows :-

- True Earth Great Britain South XPlane 11  ref 5e99866baXXX9 (i have deliberately hidden 3 characters for safety reasons)  

- True Earth US Southern California HD ref 5ec61e228XXX9  (i have deliberately hidden 3 characters for safety reasons)


Thank very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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