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[Feedback] Landmarks London City Pack - Animated London Eye

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I could not find a feedback category, is this thread okay here?


I would love to see the London Eye animated, sure - it is not important for flying but I fly over, to / from London not that rarely and it would be nice to see it animated.

Some sceneries feature a lot of animations and there are other sceneries for previous versions of Flight Simulator that had it animated, is this something that you could maybe please animate in MSFS?

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Thanks for posting this. I thought about it too so it is great you did it already.


I saw the one in Las Vegas by Fly Tampa is animated which is cool as well as the publicity signs, the fountain etc etc


So I would also love to see the London Eye animated

Adding sound to the Big Ben would also be cool ^_^



PS: and why not think about that too for the Singapore one (Singapore Flyer) ?:rolleyes:




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After seeing a review of the Las Vegas scenery, my first thought was: I wonder if Orbx could animate the London Eye. Granted, it doesn't move very fast in real life, but it would be cool for a future update. But as I've said elsewhere, I am very happy with London Landmarks now and look forward to Paris!

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