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Install interrupted


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So yesterday had the issue of install interrupted with KBUR for MSFS. Believe it is resolved. So again but this time in XP11 when updating TE GB North I am getting the same issue even after doing the change in downloader settings. Runs fast then towards end get a few installs interrupted and finally showing 2 files failed to extract. Happened with update download and verify file action.

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Please attach your Orbx Central log file so we can see what that says and probably move it to the Orbx Central support team.

Initially  now completely close Orbx Central by clicking on Exit and reboot your PC.

Restart PC and open Orbx Central. It should try to start to complete the installation process.

To get the Orbx Central log go to Orbx Central/settings/help as shown in the pic below:




Also take a look at this link. There may be a tip in there to try.


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