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Disappointing LYNI scenery?

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Hi Orbx,


Actually i always buy your scenery unseen..... but today I was a bit disappointed looking at the LYNI scenery after purchase.....


is it just me? Do I miss something in the scenery? (I checked but can not change any settings)


Groundpolygons seem to be standard as are the RWY and Taxiways, the airfield is surrounded by one big flat yellow grass surrounding.

The city seems to be not very special, beside of some trains and a stadium that i see.

I see a few statics and i see the airport name on the Terminal roof....that is a sign for me that the airport is installed allright....so...yes...disappointed by what i see....no atmosphere at all.


I am not a big complainer....but I better look to the screenhots carefully first, before any purchase in the future.




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Hi Nick,


Always fast with support, thanks.


That did the trick.....This was the problem indeed.....this is the first time this happens to me...i wonder how come? (i didn't switch it off)


After switching it back on, the whole scenery and atmosphere improved, grass, RWY, Taxiways and city are fine !


Sorry for my mistrust....and thanks again for offering the solution right away.




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Hello Guys


I am sad to report that for me LYNI shows the legacy airport.


I bought it through the marketplace


Content Manager says it is installed and bing is on.


Just a suggestion from my side.


There seems to be a ton of issues with you and the marketplace. I know Orbx has not many options to help because Microsoft is not Orbx, but please then advice people to purchase on your stores. Regarding the Orbx sales week it is making it difficult for everybody. You advertise a partnership between Asobo and Orbx so please let it be one. I don't want to bash, I just believe you guys can do better. I am a developer myself and I know sometimes we wish  to have honest feedbacks. In summary your doing a great job with addons just the partnership seems to need more readjustments.

Regarding my problem..

I am not sure, if I can just copy LYNI over to the community folder to try an solved it. Am I losing my license if I do?   


Please don't get me wrong.. I know adopting a new sim is not easy.. 



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welcome to the forums.


Orbx are only too happy to support their products, including those bought using the Microsoft Marketplace.

However, we have no control over the installation process used by the Marketplace and to widen the complaint

to cover that is neither necessary nor justified.


The most common cause of problems with any addon is the presence of another conflicting addon, usually

in the Community folder.

A simple way to test, if you have any products in your Community folder, is to rename the Community folder to 

CommunityX and create a new and empty one.

Customers have also found that the clearing of the rolling cache can help with unexpected problems after the

installation of any new addon and also clearing the contents of the UserCfg.opt file which, in the Microsoft Store

installation of MSFS can be found at


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