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Orbx special touch?

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I own KORS both for FSX and MSFS and I felt a bit disappointed to see that, in spite of what we were used to in FSX, In MSFS the scenery doesn't come with those little but, in my opinion, important extra features that I like to call "the Orbx special touch".


This is the way I chose to turn my complain in something more pro-active to explain what I mean.














It was an hour before sunset when the FBO phone started ringing at the KORS office. It was Kevin, worried for his brother Steve. Steve had left in the morning for his usual inspection at the quarry down south but he hadn't got back and he hadn't been answering the phone, so Kevin asked me to give him a ride around the island to see if we could find him before it was too dark. He was already waiting for me by the hangar with very intense and impatient look. 





We got up in the air and headed straight down Fishing Bay and then further south to the quarry.
We could spot the site quite easily due to the site lighting and the huge loading facility surrounded by the excavators, but Steve's truck wasn't there. 
It was getting darker and I told Kevin we had just 20 minutes left before to get back to the ground. He remembered Steve mentioning some business going on up at Mount Constitution, a new contract with the Bellingham Television Station for some maintenance routine at the tower, so we decided it was worth a look. 
And there he was! We spotted him on the top of the tower waving at us in his red coat and we saw his truck parked nearby. Kevin waved back and tried to call him on the phone again with no result.
We later found out he had locked himself out on the balcony by mistake and, just as always, he had left his phone in the truck. Typical Steve.  
We decided to head back to the airport just in time before night. 
Feeling relieved for the mission accomplished we finally realized what a beautiful moment of the day it was, while on base for runway 16 we spotted some orcas dancing in the sunset just a few  hundred yards from the coast. 
We landed safely and called the office to send someone at the tower to get Steve. 
It was time for a beer.  
I highlighted the features I miss the most but I could have also mentioned the bird-strike I almost got into getting to close to the tower (MSFS already supports birds and I really expect to see them in an Orbx scenery) or the nice little docks all around the island where the boats don't look like the set of Waterworld...  
This is the end of my rant, I hope you found it somewhat enjoyable and you understand that I have no flaming intention when I say that getting new airports from Orbx has lost a bit of appeal for me and that I would like to hear from the company if they intend to address this missing features in the future both for new products and existing ones.
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Yes, Microsoft published the game unfinished and the SDK is very basic, and Orbx object flows technology can't be implemented at this time. I get it.

We could argue that fixing the sunk ships, adding the quarry, the tower, and the antennas are just a matter of 3d object placement, not exactly hard as modeling all the systems of a 737... but that's not really my point. 


I don't care much to agree or disagree about Microsoft or Orbx marketing strategy and development... They make their choices and as a consumer I make mine.

My question is: does it make sense to buy anything at this time? Is Orbx committed to upgrading the products they make now when the SDK will allow implementing these extra features?

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