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[ESGG] Gothenborg aircraft placement at gate 17

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I just started a flight to Malmö at gate 17 with the A320neo. My plane was spawned too much forward. Can this please be fixed? Also would it be possible to animate the jetways? I saw Trondheim (Jo Erlend Sund) updated his scenery last week, making the jetways animated (looks like the same type as in ESGG)...?


By the way if you red this today. Really challenging approach into Malmö today with a heavy crosswind! Really enjoyed the short flight :)


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1 hour ago, VINCENZO LOFARO said:

Marcus, the airport is dark in the night. No Lights, everywere. No parking area lights, no lights inside the buildings.


Or not?

There are lights everywhere?

apron lights, inside terminal, parking area, parking signs, flashing yellow lights on GSE, lights inside hangar, lights on roads, etc.

If you dont get any lights clearly something is not working as intended and i suggest you open a separate support thread to receive support. Might be a good idea to add a few screenshots to easier understand your issue.




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