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Cant see LOWS in Sim

Nicky Bird

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Hi Orbx,


So I've purchased LOWS, downloaded and installed into the community folder which I can also see. even in content manager I can see its there also, but when I load up Salzburg, its still default. So I'm not sure what to do at this stage. 


Sim is updated

Orbx central is updated

W10 20H2

OS build: 19042.630


Kind regards



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can you take a look at your content.xml file and make sure that it is listed there.

Otherwise, try renaming your Community folder.

Create a new one and just put LOWS into it, nothing else at all, delete the

content.xml file, MSFS will build another when it starts.

See if it appears then.



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Thanks for getting back to me so fast.


I've tried what you said here and it still didn't work unfortunately.


<Package name="digitaldesign-lows" active="true"/>        that's what's in the new content.xml



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deleted rolling cache and its still not in the sim Nick.


i've been away for two weeks now, has any huge changes been made which i need to amend? 


for example this is new to me: see cap1.PNG


anyway, i'm running out of how this is to be fixed. 








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Thanks, we are hoping to get the Orbx Central developers to take a look.

Could you attach a copy of the Orbx Central log file please?

You can open it on the Settings\Help page, save a copy and attach that copy to

your next post.

Please don't copy and paste the contents.:smile:


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