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No ILS frequencies

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Hello guys.

I haven't tried an IFR flight to this airport, but someone posted this so I think it would be a good idea to check if that is the case. The title is "Don't buy any more 3rd party airports--they are leaving out the ils frequencies!"


And here is the topic on the FS forum:

"Heads up people the three airports I purchased thru the Marketplace or Orbx many weeks ago do not contain the ILS frequencies all default airports contain. One of them was KPDX, so I deleted it, and the default one now does contain ILS freq as they are supposed to. I just a few days ago reinstalled KPDX and they are still missing. If you have purchased any go to the MFD and search under airport information, FREQ for ILS values–they missing from mine. I zendesked this issue, and they marked it as SOLVED. I just now re-zendesked it."

This just in case it hasn't been reported yet.



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Hi there,


Not quite my area of expertise but, like yourself, I've seen a few posts about this.


As far as I can see this is an issue where the ILS frequency is not automatically put into the FMS. It needs to be entered manually - a good opportunity to learn a new skill is how I look at this sort of thing :).


At the moment it would appear to be a matter of discussion between Asobo and the developers but I cannot see why it would be a reason not to buy 3rd party airports. This is a fantastic sim with lots of great addons appearing but I sense that everyone - Asobo included - is on a steep learning curve!


I tend to fly smaller planes and can assure you that the ILS frequencies are there in 3rd party airports (or at least the Orbx ones and I would guess those from all the other good developers out there). It's one of the first things I test.


Please let me know if there is an Orbx airport where the ILS frequency is genuinely missing and I'll pursue the issue.


All the best,





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