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  1. Problem solved. I didn't realized that the temp folder was on the drive I removed and it was still showing it. Thanks for the help Nick. I still would like to know how to transfer the actual files to my new drive instead of redownload. I already moved one library to my new drive, but I want to move the files from a library on different drive to my the library on my new drive.
  2. Ok. I did not change the temp location but I disabled the free space check. I downloaded the file again but it gave me a different error this time. I emptied the temp location, although it was empty already and also moved the backup folder to the desktop temporarily but it didn't work.
  3. My C drive has plenty of space as well, so I'm a bit confused about your statement.
  4. Thanks Nick. How do I disable the disk free check? I assume on the app itself?
  5. I forgot to mention that I have plenty of space on my drives. I just want to make sure I maintain a balance. I bought a new 4TB drive and created a new Orbx library, but still gives the same error, as well as when I tried to installed it back on the drive I removed it from.
  6. Hello guys. I moved a library from one drive to another following the guidelines of the forums. I restarted Orbx central and it now shows the size as I was expecting, so since I couldn't find how to move just the files to this other drive from a different one, I uninstalled one airport (BIKF) and then I tried to reinstall it on my new drive, but it gave me an error. I actually tried to reinstall it on the same drive I uninstall it from, but it gave me the same error. David Pineda
  7. Hello. I would like to know why I don't have any jetways at any of the Orbx airports? Is this a problem with the latest update? Is there a way around it? I just bought PAKT (disappointing quality) and there are no jetways either. Thanks
  8. I hate to say this, but it appears the quality is going down. I have been an Orbx customer for a long time, but I started to notice that quality is not what it used to be. The irony, for me anyway, is that the quality of airports were better on, in my opinion, lesser simulators when it should be the other way around. A simple case in point is PAKT, were a company I really didn't know about and one from which I have never bought a single product, has a way better quality of PAKT. It seems Orbx thinks is better to sale quantity instead of quality. For those of us who care about quality and are willing to pay for it, is a big blow. In all honesty, if i new about the other version i probably would have bought it instead. I always pick Orbx first because of their products. What happened Orbx?
  9. Yes, thanks for your help. Of course, I was on a flight from KSAN to KDEN on the A320 and the sim crashed halfway through the flight. Weird, because this is the first time I had that problem. I guess we just have to hang in there!
  10. Nope. It did not work, although I wasn't expecting it to work, considering the fact that after this update London Landmarks had compatibility problems, and London looked like it was just bombed! jeje Anyway, I tried a flight from KTIW after reinstalling it and the sim crashed just like before.
  11. Nope, I've have had this problems for several weeks now. After all the testing with and without addons, the only one causing the CDT is KTIW. I did a few flights yesterday to major airports with the A320 and other than minor stuttering, had no problems. I actually reinstalled the airport and sure enough it crashed the sim again. There is no point for me to reinstall this airport until the problem is solved. The irony here is, all my freeware addons are working flawlessly, so go figure. I know that there's still a lot going on with this sim, and I'm welling to wait, as long as they fix the problem and is not ignored for weeks. This why I'm so hesitant to buy new scenery but I guess time will tell.
  12. Hi guys. I'm wondering if you have found a solution for the issue with KTIW. I would really like to be able to reinstall it. Thanks
  13. Thanks Jon. I really have no idea why KTIW is causing the CTD, for me anyway, but hey, this is MSFS we're talking here. I know you guys are trying to keep up with the sim and I also know the SDK still not done by any stretch, but I still believe this is the best sim and I hope you can find the issue. Thanks
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