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Sydney Cityscape - No Top on Harbour Bridge

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Hi Guys,

I bought the Sydney cityscape yesterday and did the install. It all looks great except for the fact that the harbour bridge does not have a top or any pylons on each end.  Any Clues thanks?

This may have been covered in a previous post.



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That looks like the default MSFS Sydney Harbour Bridge to me and not what is in the Cityscape addon.

Here is what I see in a pic I posted about how to fly under bridges in MSFS with out crashing.



I suggest you uninstall Sydney Cityscape and Clear your Temp folder and delete any backup copy you may have. Reboot your PC and then reinstall via Orbx Central. How to do and where to look for the Backup folder if there is one , is included in this pic.

Make sure you have deleted/removed any previous mod relating to Sydney that you may have had installed if relevant in your case.

Report back.





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