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LIRQ Crash on Landing

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This post will create some drama, but I'm on the edge of tolerance with the above scenario.


So, I bought Gaya's LIRQ scenery and, on my first flight, crashed with an invisible obstacle on landing. Discussion here:

I was directed to Gaya support (and this is a first move which I don't like because I purchased from Orbx site, not gaya, when I have a problem with my car I don't go to Torino but to a car mechanic).

I then opened a ticket (with screenshots and could also hand them a video) from their page (you can't open tickets or posts on the forum and that smells like rotten fish) and got a reply, which I'm quoting:


Oct 23, 2020, 19:16 GMT+3

Thanks for the feedback. We aware that issue and working to solve it with the coming update.

Gaya support team


Nice, they are working on it.


Fast forward 6 days and no fix, no workaround, just announcements of new coming stuff. So I kindly ask for an update on the thing because, as of now, I have a product (among others from Orbx) which I can't use.

Answer came quickly:



We not yet succeed to repro your issue and you and we have not got that feedback from anyone else.
At the moment we will find somehting we will update, but for now there is no schedule for that.

Gaya support team


Strange. So they were aware of the problem but now can't reproduce it. The second statement is rather cryptic, probably language barrier.

So I replied again asking for clarifications, workaround, or refund.

Answer came again, quickly:

Oct 30, 2020, 9:46 GMT+3


There is no conflic with my answer:

  1. You are the very only one with that issue.
  2. We trying to repro it and understand what could cause it for you.
  3. Refund- please contact the shop you bought it there and act according their refund policy.

Gaya support team


So I'm the only one? ( @LaurieLourensz, @VINCENZO LOFARO)

From the (strangely locked) post:



Hi all,

approaching Florence I have a big FPS drop and landed the runway seems to have invisible obstacle

causing a crash in the middle of runway.



So no, I'm not the only one. And there are more.


This means that I've been told plain lies by Gaya Support and it is an offence to my intelligence, especially since they think that no one is able to correlate information from other sources, in times of internet.


As a customer, I'm not happy at all and I want my refund for LIRQ now. I don't want anymore ties with a company that wrote lies on a request for help from a customer with a legitimate problem.

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On 11/1/2020 at 3:56 AM, Richard Lincoln said:



   Please Uninstall LIRQ and we will Refund you.





Hi Richard, the product has been uninstalled and any backup has been removed as explained through the ticket email. I don't have any screenshots here but can provide them when I get back home.

thank you.

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