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Products Migrating to MFS 2020!!!

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I was using X-Plane 11 until MFS 2020 arrived on the scene.


I now use MFS 2020 as my primary flight sim.


However, I invested a lot of money purchasing Orbx products for X-Plane and it seems these are not being updated for MFS 2020. Most of us buy airports and upgrades to the scenery that is either local to them of they fly from on a regular basis.


It would be nice if Orbx could update these first before producing new products. I understand that this is most likely a money making exercise, but to be faithful to your existing clients please first upgrade your existing products before producing new ones. It would be very much appreciated by your existing clients.





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Hello Dylan,

I am sure that Orbx will be producing MSFS versions of as many products as possible.

It is, so far, 65 days since the new simulator was released.

Orbx have been releasing products for X Plane 11 for 963 days, since 4th March 2018.

You may need to be patient and you will certainly need to pay for your new versions.


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  Please remember as well that Orbx is a large team of people, that work on different projects all at the same time, so just because one part of the team is ready to release their current project, that does not mean that other projects have been ignored.


Personally, I patiently waiting for Agua Dulce, Concrete, Sitka, Skagit, Eagle County, Friday Harbor, Monterey, Jackson Hole, Palm Springs, Sun Valley, Gustavus, Ketchikan, Juneau, and others that I miss from my prior FSX, P3D, and XP-11. Hopefully, these will come, but in the mean time, its great to see other new places coming on line as well

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Hi Nick

I just watched a review of the Orbx London City Pack scenery witch confirms my personal impression.... W can say that with this first scene, Orbx made the buzz on the Internet.

 This scenery is very bad and the argument that we are flying  above 1000 'ft does not hold for a helicopter pilot... This scene is a real disaster that deserves the reputation of quality of Orbx and it's a shame.

As for the rest, I agree with Dylan's point of view. It is difficult to accept the idea that, like him, I bought all the scenes Orbx FSX/P3D, all this will end up in the trash because after having tasted MSFS2020 we wonder what we would still do on a P3D ...

Patience is conceivable with a clearly defined MSFS2020 road map for Orbx customers. For now, it's total blur and it doesn't look like Orbx...

To follow...


Philippe CAYOT



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four days after the first "reviews" which critisised five buildings, a revised edition was

released which has been very well received and the storm of criticism has abated.

Most appear to find that the product greatly enhances MSFS London, so I wonder if

you could improve your experience by changing a few settings.

Perhaps you could attach a screen shot that illustrates what you describe.

In the meantime, here is a topic with numerous customer screen shots.



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Thank you Nick, for that clarification. That's good news. I'm going to reinstall the scene and make a new fly over London...

 But the second part of the question remains unanswered...

What will Orbx's policy for loyal customers, who, like me, have invested close to $2,500 (base pack, Vector, all LC, all regions and 60 airports)?

Will we have to buy back all the airports? Will there be a discount policy?

 I think a lot of customers are asking, like me, the question and a clear answer from Orbx would be welcome.

Best regards



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