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  1. SUGGESTION Only: Being that you do have Gulfstream static models, wouldn't it be good to place some of them on the ramp of the Gulfstream facility, in place of the light singles that would never park there in reality? Looks fantastic. Really looking forward to this. Great job!
  2. Where are you working line service? I used to work at Clay Lacy many many years ago. Really been looking forward to this one. Looks great!
  3. Yup, there was another. I have not tested it yet but I am sure this will fix it. I knew I had a Catalina scenery there already, and I did remove it prior to installing the Orbx version. I did not realize that there was actually a second installed I had forgot all about. Thank you!
  4. What did you do? I have both issues with my installation.
  5. I figured it out. If anyone else encounters this issue, you must log into your Orbx account ONLINE, not within Orbx Central. Select Account, then Update Account, and there you can select your state and country. Moderators, no need to reply unless you want to add something, but please keep the thread in case anyone else has the issue in the future.
  6. I can not make any purchases because I keep getting a message "You must select a state to calculate any applicable taxes". I can not find where to select a state. I have clicked all over the screen, looked through my account settings...how do I select a state so I can give you my money?
  7. Regarding Van Nuys (KVNY), please be sure to include the new Gulfstream/Jet Aviation maintenance facility on the North West quadrant. It makes a major change to the feel of the airport, but won't be shown if you are using source data more than about 18 months old. Also, directly across the runways, on the North East quadrant, is the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant. This is a really cool place made up like a World War I air base. The staff often wear period costumes, and there are mock up WWI fighters, jeeps, and other ground equipment parked outside. This is a favorite hang out for locals, and would be very missed by anyone that is familiar with the airport. Making sure that the Condor Squadron, flying the T-6's which are clearly parked outside near the base of the tower would be awesome as well. I flew with them a number of times. Back when I was there, they sometimes even partnered with the CAP, making them one of the last non-entertainment uses of authentic WWII aircraft, other than fire bombing and freight haulers up in the far North, and certainly one of the last using single engine WWII aircraft.
  8. You are correct. I have driven through that tunnel. Sometimes when you have only experienced an airport in one of the sims, seeing the real thing can be a bit of a disappointment because all of the little bits that you imagine, aren't really the way you made them in your mind. Plus, developers often 'clean up' and make things nicer, and more pleasant than they are in real life. However, Andreas did a really nice job reproducing Concrete. It is great as produced, but it is a neat airport in real life as well.
  9. > I used to teach Physics - that video took me back! We used it as a classic example of resonance though I believe there are some who now say it was due to a different effect. One source I found suggested the guy on the video was actually the bridge engineer doing a site inspection Actually, he was an Engineering Professor ! Professor Farquharson was with the University of Washington. I just realized, that all happened 80 years ago this month!!
  10. The bridge on the left is the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge. She had a bad start in life. Because it was designed with solid side wall, the airflow around the span caused a lot of problems. The bridge earned the nickname "Galloping Gertie" because it would sway so badly in the wind. One day, the wind was especially strong, as it tends to be there in the Narrows, and the bridge set up a wave harmonic, that kept getting worse and worse and worse. They closed the bridge, but a few cars were stuck on it, because the harmonic was so bad they couldn't drive off. One car had a dog inside that the owner left. Eventually a man tried to free the dog by walking out across the bridge, but the poor thing was so scarred she wouldn't get out of the car and he finally gave up. The bridge eventually failed, and the dog was the only casualty. Afterward, they redesigned the span, and rebuilt the bridge. Lessons learned from it are still used in bridges today.
  11. I can hook you up with what ever pictures you need (hint hint) There is a neat private fly-in community about 5 miles South East of Arlington called Frontier Airpark (WN53) with a 3800X50 paved runway, lots of local wildlife, beautiful homes.There is a local black bear population, and lots and lots of deer that hang out through the community, and hence, near the runway. Hummmm... MSFS comes with ready to use black bears...you could have a lot of fun with that. I can hook you up with pictures there as well (hint hint)
  12. Andreas, is there any chance of you doing Arlington KAWO ? It is in the same general area and just a little bit bigger, so that you can get the CJ4 in and out easily. They have a wonderful airshow each summer.
  13. Dylan, Please remember as well that Orbx is a large team of people, that work on different projects all at the same time, so just because one part of the team is ready to release their current project, that does not mean that other projects have been ignored. Personally, I patiently waiting for Agua Dulce, Concrete, Sitka, Skagit, Eagle County, Friday Harbor, Monterey, Jackson Hole, Palm Springs, Sun Valley, Gustavus, Ketchikan, Juneau, and others that I miss from my prior FSX, P3D, and XP-11. Hopefully, these will come, but in the mean time, its great to see other new places coming on line as well
  14. Hi all, I personally have had no problems at all with BUR either arriving or departing. But I have been following the thread in case I come up with any ideas that might possibly be of any value. I should note, being that I have had no difficulties, that I have been flying to and from BUR almost exclusively with analog instrumented aircraft, not glass panel aircraft. That really got me thinking when I read THIS THREAD over at the Microsoft flightsimulator Community / General Discussion forum . They have a discussion going on about glass panel aircraft specifically dropping from high FPS to single digit FPS. Being that I am not using glass around BUR, and have not had issues, perhaps there may be something being discussed there that may be of help for you. In case the link above doesn't work ... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fix-for-sudden-fps-drop-from-40-50-down-to-single-digits-fps/285129
  15. I would also love to see VNY. I worked there and flew from there for many years.
  16. OK, I verified that Fast Lane is the ticket. I opted in to Fast Lane and then checked for updates and Central updated to 4.1.22.
  17. I think that is the issue. I am at Orbx Central 4.1.14, and even when I click the 'Check For Updates" button in the settings, it returns that "No Updates Available". Perhaps I need to just delete Central and reinstall it from scratch. Edit: The Orbx Central link on the Orbx Homepage lists the current Central as Version 4.1.14, so not sure how you managed to snag a copy of 4.1.21. You aren't running a MAC by any chance are you Gulfstreamtwo?
  18. When I log into Orbx Central now it doesn't show any thing , not even available products, for anything except XP-11. No mention of the old FS product I have purchased or the Aerofly purchases or even that any thing other than X-Plane exists. Hummm...
  19. Awesome news. Thank you Orbx and thank you for the discounts as well. I would also like to second porting over KHQM. Even if it moves from being Free to being a purchase like the rest, it deserves its opportunity.
  20. >It's not on the plan for the foreseeable future but these things are always subject to change! If I buy you a brand new crystal ball to help you see better into the future would that help? I'll make you a deal...I will even give you my wifes new car that I bought her. Looking around here, she hasn't been sweeping any thing up with it anyways.
  21. Jon, PLEASE use what ever leverage you may have to encourage porting KMRY over to XP. This is a high tourist area and one that a large percentage of your users will want to use, and unchecking the runway follows contours is not a true viable fix because doing that you introduce faults into other airports. They were able to port it to Aerofly, I can't imagine that porting it to XP would be that much more difficult.
  22. So are you saying that Monterey is being ported to XP? Because currently KMRY is not available for XP, and it was XP that the OP was referring to.
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