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Problem texture on EGLC and EGNM with MFS 1.9.5

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Hello all

I (re) installed Orbx EGLC and EGNM yesterday on my MFS (1.9.5) and there is a mistake with textures on taxiways and runways.....there are on a pink color as you can see on the screen shot....

Note that this problem no appear on the old MFS version....


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4 hours ago, Er!k said:

Very strange. I have both airports as well (via Orbx Central) and do not see this. Did you also installed them via Orbx Central or via the Market place?

via Orbx central.

This problem appear since MFS 1.9.5

I have also London City pack.

I tried to desable all the files in community folder to purge it, then every thing is OK on original airports.

When I re install only the Orbx scenes the problem reappear...

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1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:


like E!rk, I am completely unable to replicate the problem.

Could you have added some other third party software?

As it is so easy, try removing everything from your Community folder except

EGLC and see if the problem is still there.



I always do this, but I will try again...


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