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Hollywood Burbank Question...

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I am aware of the issues that pilots are having with KBUR. 
My question: are their pilots NOT having issues. It’s still for sale with no disclaimer about issues. 
I would very much like to purchase the airport is why I am asking. 

... thanks 

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It's variable.  There's something in MSFS that inexplicably loads up the CPU and GPU RAM sparodically that causes bottlenecks.  But I cannot replicate the scenarios from day to day.  The other day i flew in from San Bernadino and had better fps at KBUR than halfway through the leg to get there.  I also had nice smooth flights in from KLAX.  Next time I tried it, same everything, as soon as I got to KBUR it tanked.


I've also had tanked fps with the default KBUR in place, which I associated at the time with ATC and other aircraft occupying the airspace, as soon as they disappeared I had good performance again.


I can tell you this though, with conservative settings, in my case High End graphics with the Render Scaling set to 80, the LOD sliders at 100 and all the graphics settings dropped by one click, I still get reasonable graphics to fly over at 3840 x 2160 resolution.  If I select 2560 x 1440 resolution I can use the High End preset without any changes and get reasonable performance from my mid range computer.


But if you try to run 4K resolution at the Ultra settings, even with high end hardware it will probably overload.

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Thanks so much for the time in answering. 
No doubt that the area around KBUR is robust with objects with the city of Los Angeles and KLAX tons of things load up in the area. I have a high end computer ( I think ) running with ULTRA settings and in 4K.  Flying around the Los Angeles basin takes it’s toll on even high end computers. Throw into the mix a High End airport and it’s no wonder things get squeezed up.  

The interesting thing you said is that it can be random... always something with this hobby.  :)

I will probably take the dive anyway and see what happens. 





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