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TrueEarth install causes Central/Computer to freeze


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What are the processes that go on after a trueearth install- it seems that for a large period of time, central freezes. Also, if I open a browser (chrome) and try to navigate to a web page, it seems my internet is also "frozen."  Also, windows explorer won't open up any new windows (such as to look at the C drive). I've posted on this before- but never got a response, so I'm still curious. Usually, everything comes back to normal after about 15-20 minutes post install. Is there some cache that Orbx is working on? Background process that ties up the cpu and internet bandwidth?

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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @bjratchf


Just to follow this up, you can adjust the disk and CPU resources used during the installation process with the following settings in under Settings -> Downloader



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