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LOWI MSFS - missing trees outside airport

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when I leave LOWI to the west, after a couple of miles there are no trees anymore.
Is this a known problem, if so, what can I do to fix it?


On this pic, you see where the trees end - it's to the northwest of the airport. What I think is important is to state that the trees that you see in the distance DISAPPEAR when you come closer, it's like they are popping out.


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G'day Darem, this won't be an issue with LOWI itself as it sits outside of the coverage zone. I've done a test at the same spot and can't replicate it at my end sorry. That said, I have noticed this issue pop up elsewhere in the default world at different times on my sim - it's always been temporary, and when I've changed a setting and returned to the same spot later, it has gone and the missing patch of vegetation has returned. 



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