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  1. Seems so, Jarrad. It could have been my rolling cache as well. I deleted it, now everything loads as planned. Thank you for your input. Case closed.
  2. I found that all links to the library in the community folder were missing, so no Orbx scenery showed at all. Check if yours are still there. If not, synchronize Orbx Central with your flightsim (under settings)
  3. Hi, when I leave LOWI to the west, after a couple of miles there are no trees anymore. Is this a known problem, if so, what can I do to fix it? On this pic, you see where the trees end - it's to the northwest of the airport. What I think is important is to state that the trees that you see in the distance DISAPPEAR when you come closer, it's like they are popping out.
  4. Shouldn't the Orbx products be in the store since yesterday? Nothing has changed in the store now since release...
  5. Using live weather (06:01 local time) and Ultra settings...
  6. Just to make sure: LYBE is offered for purchase in V5, but shown as only compatible with V4 (no plus). So, does it work in V5?
  7. I wonder if I should leave the regions active in the West of the US when I also have TE. The coverage is not the same, and when I leave the region covered by TE, I'd like to see a better representation of the landscape than just standard P3D. But are there conflicts in the regions covered by both? Or will it eat too much ram? Can you advise, and if it is ok having both at the same time - are the entries in the scenery.cfg sorted properly by Orbx Central? Thanks!
  8. sure, I know. But if I restrict myself to TE Washington with my flight - does it make sense to load both products? Or maybe a better example: TE UK North and Scotland as a region - does it make sense to have them both loaded?
  9. As I own both products: When I fly in the region covered by TE Washington, does it make sense to deacvtivate PNW or is it even not advised to do so?
  10. Simple question: Which product would run faster - the True Earth version or the region (like GB North vs. Scotland)?
  11. Good morning from Vienna! Is there news on when those Orbx airports missing from V5 will be available? Like Sumburgh, for example. I really miss them in my scenery :).
  12. Thank you Nick, that seems logical to me.
  13. Good morning from Austria. Can someone please tell me what we gain from Vector in V5? I have been told that coastline and road networks are covered pretty well in V5, and in general the vector data is much better. So, what does Vector bring to V5 then? Apart from prolongued loading times, of course :-) I have the free update from V4, and I already installed it in V5, but didn't see a noticeable difference where I flew. So I deinstalled it.
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