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Orbx Central won't die!

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Hello. I have the latest version of Orbx Central that auto-updated yesterday, though I can tell you that the same problem occurred with the previous build. I only have MSFS, so I never used Orbx Central before August. I am on a relatively new installation of Windows 10 1909 and here is the issue. When I run Orbx Central, and then click the X to close it, it "goes away" (ie no longer on Taskbar and cannot Alt+Tab to it), but it does not actually close/die. For example, I just "closed" it (or so I thought), but if I go to Task Manager I see these processes:



I watched this time and no Orbx processes at all stop running when I hit the X button to close it. It simply removes its screen and continues to use valuable memory for no reason. I can kill each one of those EXE's manually, but that shouldn't be necessary. Can Orbx please either fix this or explain why it needs to be this way? Thank you, and let me know if you need additional information from me.

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49 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


there are two settings in Orbx Central that  need to be changed, so that it closes when

the X is clicked and does not start with Windows.




Thanks! I love it when it turns out to be user error!

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