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DO NOT purchase Orbx products from the ms2020 market place. If they don't work Orbx will not support you and neither will Microsoft.



Here is the reply from Microsoft:-

Hi Dave

Thanks for contacting us regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you're experiencing an issue with an add-on purchased from a 3rd party developer, please contact the developer directly. This includes:

  • Question about the content
  • Issues with the content (missing feature, bug, feedback etc...)
  • Compatibility issues between the content and the base game

Best regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team


And here is the reply from Orbx:-


You should be aware, before condemning a product that you have not yet even installed, that the product delivery system

with which you are having trouble is the Microsoft Markretplace, something over which Orbx has no control.

Here is the link you require: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

It is perfectly possible to buy products from Orbx Direct, something that Orbx have complete control over.

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Login asks for my email address and password. Both of which I know is correct but it fails.

When I request a password reset it says it has sent a reset to my email address but nothing ever comes. I have no idea what is going off.

The only reason I am in now is because I still have the original welcome email that seems to be still active.

I don't want to be awkward but I really feel like I'm being fobbed off by both Microsoft and Orbx

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Thanks, what was your previous user name please, if you had one?

The forum is telling me that you only joined three days ago.

As to your exchange with Microsoft, their answer seems to be that they cannot support Orbx products, which is entirely correct.

We can, of course but not unless they have first been installed.

Is your problem that you cannot install the product or that you have installed it but there is something the matter with it?

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40 minutes ago, Daaave said:

Here is the reply from Microsoft:-

If you're experiencing an issue with an add-on purchased from a 3rd party developer, please contact the developer directly. This includes:


MSFT is saying in the part in bold that if you purchased it from Orbx, contact Orbx with any issues.


MSFT has no choice but to support issues with their marketplace, including the purchasing and installation of Orbx products through their own marketplace. That's on MSFT and they know that. If you have an issue purchasing the product in the Marketplace, or you have trouble getting it installed from the MS Marketplace after purchase there, MSFT will help you. It's the third-party product's features that they won't help you with, even if you purchased it through the marketplace. 


Likewise the one thing Orbx can't (and isn't in a position to) help you with is your purchases through the MS Marketplace. They do not have access to that backend software unlike MSFT support. They cannot even confirm that you own it. Microsoft's Marketplace is a world onto itself and is completely controlled by Microsoft. It is not as if Orbx is being stubborn. It's just not possible for them to work a MS Marketplace problem. And that's true of any company that sells its products in the MS Marketplace. 


But in general, and I say this strictly as a customer, I'd recommend buying directly from Orbx. Orbx doesn't have to give MSFT a substantial cut of the proceeds if you do, and they can completely support you from install to usage. I bought my London Scenery from them and installation was painless and the update was immediately available whereas MS Marketplace purchasers are still waiting for MSFT to push the updates to all the scenery products from every company.

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Yes it creates a folder within the Microsoft Flight Sim Packages area.

I have to say though that I have tried the install again 10 mins ago and it went on seamlessly.

I don't know if something has changed with Microsoft over the weekend but it seems to have worked.


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