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Innsbruck ramp light LOD

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14 hours ago, Jon Clarke said:

Lighting is a known problem currently and Asobo are aware of it. Floating lights at LOWI will be seen by all customers. When Asobo resolve the light implementation issue Orbx will fix and update LOWI via an update


Ah, you misunderstood. I should have been more clear. I saw all the posts about floating lights. I know it's been covered.


The ramp lights that light up parked aircraft and the ground around them is the bug. At a certain distance, the aircraft and the ground light textures disappear.


An example is, if you land at night, each "gate" parking area will light up in sequence as you land, and close to the distance they show again.


If you use the drone camera, you can move about 100 meters away from any parking spot, and it will go dark...ground and all. Move forward, it comes on. Move back, off again.


I assume it's an LOD issue with the night light texture.

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