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Even these ... experienced travelers prefer to use planes!

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all I see is a couple of panic stricken birds that have fallen foul of the human

need to damage their environment regardless of the cost.

I don't find either clip amusing and I doubt that the first bird survived the experience.

I am well aware that the status of other creatures varies wildly between cultures and

that what some find entertaining, others find distasteful.

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Hello Nick,


If these videos disturb you you have every right to delete this post of mine too if I don't share your opinion why I don't know that nobody "voluntarily" put that pigeon on top of the
engine of that plane taking off forced him to stay all that time in that position I can think that that was a pigeon ... suicide!

For me it was just a video showing a "curious" behavior of that pigeon that heedless of the noise was on that engine until takeoff while I can reassure you that the other pigeon had also entered of his own free will during the plane the stop and that was captured by the flight attendants, was released before the plane took off.
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