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Animations are missing


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  I'm having troubles, after installng v5 HF2 with some Orbx airports. I tried and re-tried to un-install, re-intsall, verify files etc, but to no avail. Hope somebody in Orbx will try to take a look at this issue. Just for the record, I flew without any single issue before installing HF2.

   Thanks & regards,


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Hi Nick,

  so far the airports are: LEAS, LEBB and ENSQ: at ENSQ buildings are missing, in the other two the runways and parking aeas are without signs etc. Some image attached, for a better understanding. My scenery library is the same as in v5, correctly listed, and ev'rything was fine.

  I'll try a move, successful in past times; u-install ALL Orbx add-ons and reinstall them one by one. It did work when I switched from v5 to v5 HF1.



lib 1.JPG

lib 2.JPG

lib 3.JPG

objflow 1.JPG

objflow 2.JPG



ESSA 1.jpg

ESSA 2.jpg


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Hi Nick, I'm really puzzled. 

  • Uninstalled ALL Orbx products
  • Reinstalled them
  • I'm checking the airports one by one in alphabetical order; the British ones are all OK.
  • The Scandinavian ones are a disaster. Et ENAL there's the attached message.
  • I verified both the library and object flows,  to no avail. Uninstalled them a second time - to no avail -, verified them and, in the case of the Library ones, three times I got the attached message. The fourth time all seemd fine, but reopening the sim, the error message in ENAL reappeared.

At this point I really don't know what to do more. Are we sure that P3D v5 + HF2 is working properly with all Orbx products? Sorry for this question, but I try to imagine any possible answer.

   Thanks for any help,






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