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Reinstall - Libraries

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I have everything installed into a Library disk outside the Prepar3d folder. If I need to completely reinstall Prepar3d from scratch, say after a Windows reinstall, and the Library disk is intact, would I be able to re-link the files, or will they need to be re-downloaded again to install? I have half a terrabyte of data in the Library disk, and downloading that much would be quite a lot!

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I had to completely reinstall P3Dv5 HF2. All of my Orbx sceneries are in a separate P3Dv5 library. Orbx Central shows all my sceneries installed but they are not in the P3Dv5 scenery list or add on list. I verified files using Orbx Central which confirms my sceneries are installed. It appears Central is just confirming the sceneries are installed in my Orbx Library NOT P3Dv5. I've tried adding the Orbx sceneries using Add Area in the P3D Scenery List. Nothing works.

What is the correct way to get my Orbx sceneries working again? I thought that was the advantage of creating a separate Orbx Library outside the P3D root.

When uninstalling P3Dv5, I did remove all folders associated with my P3Dv5 install as recommended in the LM P3D guide.

Thank you very much for your assistance.



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On 7/26/2020 at 12:43 AM, Nick Cooper said:


welcome to the forums.

An Orbx Central Library can be linked back to a new version of P3D using

the Sync Simulator function.

Sorry Nick. Looks like this was the answer all along. I had to use the Sync Simulator function in Orbx Central Help area. The Central User Guide under "What does ‘Sync Simulator’ do?" does give a list of operations that looked like they would solve my problem and they did!

The Central User Guide, as expected, is full of good information. It would be helpful if there was a section on "What to do after reinstalling your simulator:" This is what I was looking for and the index nor body of the Guide seem to address this.

Thanks again!

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