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V4.5 HF2: OpenLC EUR and NA - night lighting issue

Mark A

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Hi all,


I can't shake this feeling that my night lighting in the above regions is not as it should be.

The thread below gives a good indication of what I''m seeing - basically highways only and no other lights. Unfortunately this guys solution was a complete un/re-install of P3D, which I'd very much like to avoid if this is merely a layering problem.



I'm running Global BASE and VECTOR, plus the OPEN LC products above. Also have NZNI, NZSI, and AU v2 along with a range of airports in those full-fat regions.


No 'full-fat' regions in North America or Europe, but a couple of airports. EGE and TEX in NA and INN in EUR. All installed within the prepar3d folder except for Orbx objectflow which for some reason is in an Orbx library.


The Scenery.cfg file from my programdata folder attached in case layering is an issue.


OLC_NA_LIGHTS folder has 259 files, all BGL extension, and prefixed with an ! symbol.

OLC_EU_LIGHTS has 804 files, again all BGL and prefixed with the ! symbol.


Hoping someone can guide me in further investigation.


Many thanks!



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On 7/14/2020 at 12:57 AM, Nick Cooper said:


there is a question raised internally on this subject and it is being looked into.

Is it a conflict with other Autogen addons running like Justsim and Gayasim?

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