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BUG REPORT - Mesh problem in Stapleford

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1 hour ago, 600N818 said:

Hello guys.


i found a mesh problem in the near from Stapleford.

I have try many thing, to correct this. But nothing could be help.

I attached the my scenery.ini, too.


VSL R66 - 2020-06-06 10.27.43.png

scenery_packs.ini 9.38 kB · 0 downloads

@Greg Jones for comment please. I see the same issue and note that the apt already contains the "flatten" entry. Any ideas?

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6 hours ago, Tony Wroblewski said:

It's the flattening in the airport causing this... also the elevation is wrong in the apt.dat file, hence the big dip. It'll need fixing/updating on the XP scenery gateway


The airport has't been updated since 2017: https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/EGSG, so it's not a new bug



Tony it is the Orbx airport addon not the Gateway default one., hence the request for additional clarification from @Greg Jones

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