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Windsocks summary

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Thought I'd try to diagnose what is happening. Here are some screenshots:


YMLT diagnostics 4.jpg


This is the output when I ran ADE File Priority Analyzer, there were a few more at the top of the list but this screenshot shows the three files having airport column marked as yes which I loaded separately in ADE to see what they each had re windsocks at this point in the airport.


YMLT diagnostics 5.jpg


This is APX87460, it has the red and white checkered box which I circled on the screenshot but no nearby windsock. Note the pink circle near bottom right corner of runway is a windsock but it doesn't appear when I load the airport.


YMLT diagnostics 1.jpg


This is ADE_FTX_AUS_YMLT, it has the checkered box also and no windsock


YMLT diagnostics 3.jpg


This is ORBX_YMLT_APX, it has the checkered box and the smaller static problem windsock


YMLT diagnostics 2.jpg


This is what I see when I get ADE to load all files. It shows both circles and both windsocks. So the larger working windsock is in one of the scenery files that I can't load into ADE to view?



YMLT diagnostics 6.jpg


So I'm wondering why neither of the windsocks line up with the two circles?


Is the issue that an exclude is either missing or not operating as intended to hide the smaller windsock.


None of this sheds light on why the small windsock displays as it does i.e. multiple images of the sock in different positions simultaneously.


I'm a neophyte at how airports are created in flight sim so apologies for the possibly silly questions!

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I had a look in ADE to see if I could understand what you had done to remove the extra non functional windsocks. It seems as if in the old version of the file the exclusion zones didn't include windsocks and you have rearranged from three to two exclusion zones and included windsocks? Many thanks Graham.


When you say "I've alerted the Central guys to this issue" Do you mean the issue of the exclusion zones at YMLT not including windsocks? Are you anticipating "Central" will include the modified file for YMLT in a future update of the Aust freeware airports?


While you were looking at the scenery file did you have any thoughts about the more general issue of windsocks in P3d v3 Orbx regions not displaying correctly? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Last we heard Nick does not have access to P3d v3 so it is hard for him to replicate the issue and start looking for a solution.

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The updated ADE file will be included within the installer for YMLT. It was prepared when AuV2 was first released and should have been added to the YMLT installer then but has fallen through the cracks some how.


The broader issue of a V4 windsock being included in V3 products is being resolved separately. Unfortunately, these AUv2 airports will need to have the very basic and ugly P3D default windsock restored.

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Personally my order of reference is


1. An ugly windsock that shows strength and direction

2. No windsock at all

3. A windsock that is static regards strength and direction.


Since at present using v3 I can see functional windsocks in USA open land class my hope is the same can be available in the region products.



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I was trawling through posts on windsocks issues with P3D v3 and came across this one:



In which in post 8 Ed Correia says:


"As we port the payware airports over to P3Dv3 we are using the opportunity to replace the windsocks with ObjectFlow controlled ones. 


The windsocks at airports placed at the hundreds of airports included with the regions won't be touched as the amount of work required to replace them is something we cannot do now - especially for no extra cost. "


Does this relate to the issue raised in this topic? Is it the case that P3D v3 is old technology and the cost of fixing a problem like the one raised here is too high for Orbx to bear?


I don't have a problem with that being the case but wonder whether the region products should mention the windsock issue for v3 users in the sales documentation?


Can I just clarify I understand the issue:


1. All Orbx region products use P3D v4 windsocks.

2. P3D v3 can't utilise/display P3D v4 windsocks so all windsocks in all Orbx region products look wrong for all P3D v3 users

3. The windsocks in NA open landclass use P3D v3 windsocks and therefore display correctly.

4. You are suggesting Orbx will go through every airport in every Orbx region and replace the P3D v4 windsocks with P3D v3 windsocks so that P3D v3 users can have working windsocks even though P3D v4/5 users will have to look at "very basic and ugly" windsocks.


AU v2 is a fairly recent release, how did no one notice in testing that none of the windsocks work in P3D v3? After it all it seems as if this issue of windsocks not displaying correctly has been around for years. Was AU v2 tested with P3D v3? 


I understand that Graham and Nick may not be in a position to answer these questions. Happy to see them passed up the chain for a response.

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When I load at YWOR in AU v2 I see a static windsock. 


When I load at KAIK in NA open landclass I see a functional windsock (well direction works and 3 strength positions)


Q. Why don't I see the same of level of functionality at YWOR as I do at KAIK?

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I have merged your second topic with your first.

I cannot personally address your problem, as I have never owned P3D v3.

However, Graham's answer of the 27th May, still only 11 days ago, seems to

have addressed the matter.

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Windsocks summary

… but wouldn't it be a great Christmas present from Orbx to us P3DV3 users if some programmer there at Orbx was tasked with making "the very basic and ugly P3D default windsock"  turn and twist in the wind. Think of the joy it would give to that programmer when the now-static windsock did what windsocks worldwide are supposed to do. By the way, I wouldn't even object if the Christmas present came very early...

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