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Hi Guys,

Had a notification tonight that there are 6 updates available for my Orbx series on P3Dv4.5

Clicked on "install" (as per usual....and as usually works fine!)

Strange message comes up.....

"RED BOX = Error"

"A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action"

Never had this one before....

I'm on a (very) recent new machine....Overclocked i9, with GeforceRTX 2070Super graphics.


What have I touched?????? :banghead:

What SHOULD I have touched???

Help/Advice will be much appreciated


Barry Macrae

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Thanks Doug......

Spent some time trying the suggestions within the link, to the manual, but to no effect.

Then I found an "old" post by your colleague Nick Cooper......

This raised the question about "compatibility" mode instal in Wndows10.

YAY !!!!!!!

He gave us the answer - which I will hope can also now help Schud306 (above).

Indeed, it would seem that you (Orbx/Nick) actually knew (know!!) about this issue AND the required fix...…..

How about it gets put on your forum - as a "sticky"....it would save a bundle of grief ….. perhaps for many others.


It related to having downloaded & installed Orbx Central ……..In Compatibility Mode......

Well YES....I had!!!   And always have!!!!   Ever since I've been simming.

Nick advised that it (G.C.) should NOT - repeat NOT - be installed with compat-mode ticked!!!!

I uninstalled.....Reinstalled...Checked that Compat Mod was NOT ticked...and installed......

EVERYTHING   WORKED   AGAIN...…… including 7 airfield updates which ALL came down and installed - smooth as butter!!!!


So well done Nick.....I'm breathing (and simming) again.   One Happy Bunny!

Cheers buddies.....


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