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Multiple problems. I'm using Orbx is installed over default X-plane no 3rd party sceneries or orthos

I fly and instruct over SoCal in real life and for the most part I like Orbx scenery. I understand limitations of design and don't expect to find exactly the same generic building like in real life.

However, nearly near every airport I see some building either floating completely or partially anchored to the hill while other side is in the air. Name few around KAJO, KRNM, KCRQ, KSDM, L18 lake Elsinore and etc. I should say pretty much every randomly. Some building are ok but many are not.


A lot POIs missing, Palomar Hospital in Escondido. Kind big deal, even Thunderbird flew over few days ago . Those kind of landmark I would appreciate from Orbx since we don't have that many hospitals only few per county. 




There is building in the middle of northbound freeway 5  about 0.5-1 mile south of San Onofre nuclear plant.


KOKB airport is missing water tower which is important part of traffic pattern. I guess it's just flatten by scenery 




Ocean side pier appeared generic. In real life it doesn't have any boats surrounding it





You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product.

A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product.

Please review your request before posting into this forum.

A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.

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5 hours ago, sd_flyer said:

I sincerely hope my reports do no go in vain :)


Kind of not a big deal, but looks funny North West of KPSP. There is 3D windmills  with 2D copy imprinted in "satellite canvas"  



@Tony Wroblewski Hi Tony. Please confirm that these bugs and bits of useful info from @sd_flyer are being noted for hopeful attention in a future update. Thanks.


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