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Files Download and extract however the conversion process fails

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HI there 

I still have my X-plane version 3 media - before open GL so I have been around X-pane for some time.


  Thanks for this magnificent looking product as I have been running orthos (g2xpl) for a very long time and like how they compliment X-plane for me.  When I stumbled on your products I upgraded my old windows 7 to windows 10 and Orbx Central was the first app I installed.  I bought Southern Cal and then just tonight I bought Florida HD.


Both of these installs so far have thrown conversion errors and verify files just adds to the log file the same errors again I am not sure what may be missing.


log file attached - 


My Florida transaction ID is: 5ebca6bf19f63 -  one fix very well fix them both - thanks!







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