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SODE Update

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Recently when logging into Central, I'm prompted to update SODE, regardless of the numerous times I have successfully updated this software previously as prompted, this is the same for both P3D V4 and 5. Obviously there is something not quite right with either Central or my installation. P3D appears to be running normal without any anomalies. It's just annoying that's all.




Operating system:  






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The problem here is: SODE released an update to version 1.7.0, but in Orbx Central all it knows is version 1.6.8. I installed 1.7.0 manually and then the update notification in Orbx Central appears. I then "updated" via Orbx Central, the message disappears but SODE 1.7.0 remains installed (so it is not installing an older version). Perfectly fine.

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