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I have just got back into FSX after a few years away from it, complete with service pack 2, not interested in X-Plane 11 (and waiting for new MFS 2020 to come out !!), I purchased EU England this evening, let it download and install itself, went to LGW (my very local aiport), I have UK 2000 Gatwick Xtreme, which is good as it's only about 3 miles from me, so I know area well. But after putting EU England on, I honestly cannot tell the difference to the original SFX all around the south coast, I have everything up to the max but no difference at all to original, looks like I have waisted £27 tonight, which is not good after looking through so many YouTube vids of the package which I was sold on, I had better results using the old Just Flight VFR Real Scenery "South East England" years ago. Am I doing something wrong ?. I have screen shots of LGW, then surrounding area (debatable), and instalation of EU England. I hope someone can help me, just want a better scenery and not "American type layout as in normal SFX. Thank you



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All installed and running much, much better now. Waiting for my new custom buuilt PC to arrive this week, so it will be up to full graphics and run faster. Can anyone tell me please, when I get my new PC, how do I go about installing EU England on that, as I have it on this old PC. Thank you for all your help Doug & John appeciate it;).

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