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ObjectFlow 3.0.2 Download Hangs in New OC 4.1.7

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Operating system: Win10 Pro 64 bit

Simulator:  P3Dv5


Issue:  Just checked Orbx Central and it updated successfully to 4.1.7. In checking my "My Products," I saw an available update for ObjectFlow to version 3.0.2. Choosing the update, OC hangs with an error message as in the screenshot and the download never resumes. Pausing the download, cancelling it, rebooting and reopening OC to try redownloading still brings up the error message.



I checked the items noted in Nick's post here and it doesn't help:

Update: The second time around temporarily turning off Windows Defender (my only AV), I was able to install the update. Is this now the new normal, as most of us have been doing for separately downloaded add-ons? 

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Exactly what I did after this episode. I thought I was safe by reusing the P3D folder with the same name, but taking the extra few minutes to delete and then reestablish the exclusions seems to have kept me from further issues. That and adding the Orbx Library folder, which I forgot to do earlier.


BTW, if it wasn't clear before, I consider this closed. Thanks for your earlier post which I attached in my opening post. That pointed me in the right direction.

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