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  1. To expand on the discussion a bit, the whole rationale for the renaming exercise is threefold. One, whenever you update the sim as you note, MS and most experts suggest emptying the Community folder to prevent potential issues with the update and/or add-ons in the folder. After a successful update (and closing the sim), you put everything back in. Instead of moving add-ons out to another location and adding them back, renaming the folder as Nick suggests is easier for most people. Two, the more add-ons living in the Community folder, the slower the sim loads. If you only have a few add-ons, the slight additional time is worth avoiding the bother of renaming folders when you change where you want to fly that day. With many add-ons in the Community folder however, the loading time increase is quite noticeable, so that's where one of the several ways of minimizing what's in that magic Community folder (the one the sim looks for) come in. Three, it's well established that sometimes, an error/bad file in one add-on can affect another add-on. This is true even for add-ons in different continents, and especially with add-ons from the smaller publishers or freeware. The universal approach to finding the bad apple is to start with a clean Community folder containing only your new good add-on and methodically adding your other add-ons to see which one causes the problem. There's several techniques for finding the culprit when a lot of add-ons have to be checked. Once found, it's usually safe to have one or the other of the fighting pair in the Community folder at a time. I hope I haven't overtaxed your understanding, Don. Sometimes a good question like yours leads another to ask for the "why?" behind the first "why?".
  2. Green circles = correctly placed screws. Red circles = ghost floating screws.
  3. The Paris update came out two days ago. Simply watch this section when you log-in or better yet, opt in for notice when something new hits: Orbx Release Announcements - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  4. This issue came up a while ago in the Aerosoft forums and is discussed more in this MFS Forum thread.
  5. Nope...it was announced in the "What we're working on" post on April 6 as: Then a few Regional Packs, also for MSFS: Canary Islands Northern England Scotland Link to the complete post:
  6. If the version in discussion is for P3Dv4 and 5 and not for any other versions, it would be a 64-bit add-on and therefore not useable on any 32-bit sim, such as P3D 1-3 or FSX of any flavor.
  7. Here's a thread from the Aerosoft forums that has some useful info on setting snow depths and effect in surfaces. It's applicable in general, not just the commercial product mentioned: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/162707-enat-fully-covered-in-snow/&do=findComment&comment=1035713
  8. Go ahead and reject reality then. An Orbx rep may have more to say. Every third party developer has this to deal with. It's a simple fact of MSFS life. No different than if a box product retailer decides to delay putting the product on the shelf. You speak to them, not the company that sent the retailer the boxes.
  9. I saw in the Known Issues list that the London City Pack has a conflict (Link here). While the KI list was first posted last August, it was updated on March 9 but without stating what the update was. It's unclear if the KI issue is with Sim Update 3 released March 9 (ver . So, this could refer to the earlier issues since resolved with an update from Orbx. Any thoughts from Orbx or user experience? My own sim update download is in a failure loop with 3.33 GB to go, so I can't test it.
  10. See the third Q&A in the attachment. Orbx has no control whatsoever on when products they provide to MS land in the Marketplace. You should direct your question to them. As a general observation though, Marketplace updates occur in batches and do not coincide with sim/world updates, probably so as not to overload their servers even more.
  11. Additional note: If you deleted the London City Pack as suggested by Orbx when Global Update 3 (UK and Ireland) came out, then on the London City Pack line as noted in step 3 above, the circle will be empty (light grey) and the download icon will not be red. In step 4 above, you should see an option to Install instead of Update.
  12. Updates are not shown as separate files. If one is available for an installed add-on, the download icon (fifth from the top right if Orbx Central is full screen, fourth from the top right in my screen shot which is clipped) will show in red. Please note, this applies only if as the previous post asked, you bought London City Landmarks through OrbxDirect or OC. If you bought it through the in-game store (the Marketplace), you'll have to wait for Microsoft to add it there. Ensure you're using Orbx Central, not the earlier app. You should be on version 4.1.28. Once OC opens, left click on the My Products tab (shown with the yellow arrow I added) Next, left click on the London City Pack line (shown with the orange arrow I added) Finally, look in the area the blue arrow is pointing to. You should see an option there to update the scenery. It doesn't show on mine because it's already updated.
  13. You wrote too soon, Ron. The wait is shorter than you thought. Orbx just announced EGSG is coming for MFS, and if things work out, this weekend! Or maybe it's coming because you wrote?
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