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LOWW and the scenery.cfg


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I think I'm on 4.1.6 now it updates automatically. I think this is the 3rd time it's added extra entries into my scenery.cfg . Latterly I ended up with 6 entries.


I know this because I use a .cfg manager and shows me errors as soon as I start it up. It's not a problem really but it must be something in central that's causing it. Though you should know.



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Is anyone actually reading my posts. I know its labelled as answered but it hasn't really been solved.


Well its no surprise that after todays LOWW update it has inserted itself twice this time. I know I may have said previously that its not a real problem but now it is as I would like to solve it with some remedial suggestions. I've unstalled it twice now to see if theres a problem there.2020-04-22_12-44-38.jpg.af316d8572b226f15aa68673b5809ebf.jpg




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